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Ross Scott, the man who shot Joe Lewis

Introduction :

Ross Scott was originally from Anderson/Indiana and was born in 1952?. He is 6'2'' tall, which is more than 190 cm. We have no information about his debuts. His trainer was Glenn Keeney.

Traditional Karate :

1974 : Ross Scott meet Darrell Lassiter, during the Midwest Suburban, at Chicago.

1974 : Ross Scott beats Johnny Lee, Eddy Everett and Wayne Washington for the USKA Grand Nationals. Scott is only brown belt at this time and wins the heavyweight title. For the Grand Champion, he loses against Parker Shelton.

1974 : Ross Scott wins the US Karate Team Championships, with the Komokai team from Indiana.

Ross Scott vs Wayne Washington

Against Wayne Washington (on the ground).

Also in traditional Karate, Pat Hardy beats Ross Scott in 1975?.

1975: Ohio State Professional Karate Championships. Ross Scott beats K.A. Jones and wins USD 1,000 .--.

Ross Scott vs Larry Davenport

Against Larry Davenport (right) 1978

Full-Contact :

July 1975 : Ross Scott def Louis Arnold, by TKO, at St. Louis Nationals.

1986 : Ross Scott loses against Johnny Linebarger, for the USKA Championships. Video of the fight : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd1u2L4O4UY

The surprise vs Joe Lewis :

On August 24th 1975 : Atlantic City/New Jersey. Joe Lewis loses against Ross Scott, in a non-title match. Ross Scott has previously disputed only one match in full-contact and can be considered as a journeyman. Joe Lewis, 3 weeks before, has lost on points in a 3 rounds non-title fight, against Ted Limoz, boxer from Hawaii.

Against Ross Scott, Lewis injuries his right shoulder, possibly in the 3rd round, following a missed blow. The match was stopped for about 5 minutes, before returning. Ross Scott gives numerous kick in the head of Lewis, who blocks a large number of them.

Ross Scott vs Joe LewisAgainst Joe Lewis (left)

It is often said that Joe Lewis was penalized for lack of kicking thrown, in violation of the rule "six kicks per round rule." Both the "Professional Karate" Nov.-Dec. 1975 and "Black Belt" of Dec 1975 contradict this version.

Joe Lewis loses on points in 7 rounds, 17-12. Scott wins 3 rounds and Lewis 2, the others being considered draw.

Both fighters are wounded in the face.

Some newspaper of the time mention that Joe Lewis got married on the day before the match and that his father died recently. The victory of Ross Scott is a real surprise, Joe Lewis is the precursor of full-contact and seems invincible.

A short video of the fight : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=RjRxhtFrbQA

Others fights :

00.00.1976 : Ross Scott beats Johnny Lee by ko in the 3rd round. Lee has never disputed a full-contact before. The PKA title is vacant, because Joe Lewis was dismissed following his two defeats above mentioned. Johnny Lee replaced at the last moment Ernie "Radar" Smith. Johnny Lee has won the heavyweights title during the 1973 Top Ten, but had lost against Howard Jackson, for the Grand Champion.

1976 : Ross Scott beats one opponent (Merisicum of El Paso ?), in 20 seconds, in Dallas.

1976 : Ross Scott beats Travis Lee Everitt in only two rounds, in Houston.

01.10.1976: World Series of Martial Arts Championships in Hawaii. We are not sure of the following. Ross Scott beats Victor Rapoza by ko ? during a first fight, at this date. According to the March 1980 Black-Belt issue, they made a draw. The same evening, Dana Goodson (or Goodsen) def Ross Scott, by ko ? The fight, according to other sources, would have taken place in 1981 ?

00.02.1977 : Ross Scott def Pat "Hawk" Hardy, by ko in the 1st round. Ross Scott goes to the canvas, at the beginning of the match.

00.03.1977 : Battle of Atlanta : Ross Scott def Jerry Rhome. Ross falls twice in the 3rd round, from punches to the head. In the 7th round, Ross Scott strikes Rhome, which remains defenceless. Short video : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=PGhKPdPf6ws.

00.04.1977 : Ross Scott def Everett Eddy, by ko in the first round, for the PKA title, in Las Vegas. Short video : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=HsvqDs30-L4. Scott is announced as unbeaten before this fight, with 13 wins.

00.00.1978: Cleveland. Jacquet Bazemore beats Scott Ross, in a non-title match. In the Official Karate November 1980 issue, the fight is cited as a one-round non-title fight in a split decision, two years ago ?

15.06.1980: Ross Scott beats Jacquet Bazemore. The fight is stopped in the 3rd round, for the PKA title. Bazemore went 5 times to the canvas before the stop of the fight. Video of the fight : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJm_js7ZiH4

00.08.1980 : Ross Scott loses against Demetrius "Oaktree" Edward, by ko in the 7th round, for the PKA title. Edward has also fought in boxing, competing from 1979 to 1986, (21 fights, 5 victories in the early stages of their careers, 14 defeats and 2 draws).

00.00.1981 : Ross Scott should have lost a rematch vs Demetrius "Oaktree" Edward, according to Karate Kickboxing Magazine, Septembre 1981 issue.

1983 : John Jackson beats Ross Scott by ko, for the PKA US Nationals.

Ross Scott withdrew in 1988.

Ross Scott vs Joe Lewis

Against Joe Lewis (left)

Record :

1st version : 30 fights and 3 victories for the world title. A second version, mentioned in the newspaper Kick Illustrated in July 1981, gave a record of 17 wins and 3 losses.

Style :

Taking advantage of his superior size and weight, Ross Scott gives numerous heavy kicks, half-height and proceeds with non academic punches. The fights take place on closed rings .

To see videos of his fights: http://www.pka-kickboxing.com/pka-kickboxing-history.html

Currently, Ross Scott is announced as the 5th dan black belt. He teaches karate in the USA.

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