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Everett "Monster Man" Eddy

Introduction :

Everett Eddy was born in 1946 or 1947 and lived in Detroit/USA.

He practiced football and wrestling at school. In the martial arts, he began with Korean karate (Taekwondo), with Johnny Lee, a future opponent for Ross Scott. As competitor, Eddy weighs 235 pounds (107 kg) for 6 feet, or 183 cm. For these reasons, he receives the nickname "Monster Man".

Competition debuts :

In 1971, during the First Midwest Tang Soo Do Championships, Eddy Everett beats Neil Ehrlich, 160 pounds, from the lightweight division, for the Grand Champion title. Previously, Eddy beats James LaRocco, for the heavyweights title.

Eddy is part of the Ohio champion team. In 1972, he is part of the Michigan team champion.

In 1973 or 1974, at the Michigan Invitational, he loses in the finals against Flem Evans, with USD 1,000 .-- for the winner. Both fighters are opposed in a ring and wear protections.

Flem Evans Everett Eddy
Flem Evans, left, vs Everett Eddy

In 1973, at the USKA Grand National , Eddy wins against Shelton Parker.

In 1973, Eddy beats John Natividad in the preliminaries for the Four Seasons Nationals, before losing against Kijewski, for excessive contact.

In 1973 at the Battle of Atlanta, Everett Eddy def Larry Reinhardt, before losing against Jeff Smith in the semi-finals. Thereafter, Everett Eddy finishes third, before Bill Wallace.

In 1973, at the First Annual Open Championships Tae Kwon Do, Eddy Parker wins against Parker Shelton.

In 1973 ?, at the Tri-Cities tournament in Indiana, for the karate pro, Eddy loses against Bill Wallace, for the Grand Champion title.

1974 a successful year :

1974 : Jeff Smith loses against Ernest Russel for the U.S. championships, after defeating Everett Eddy. Smith def Everett Eddy again during the teams tournament.

Early in 1974 at the Battle of Atlanta : Howard Jackson wins the title, defeating Mike Warren in the finals. For the 3rd place, Jeff Smith def Everett Eddy on points 3-2.

In May 1974, at the National Hidy Ochiai's Karate Classic, Eddy wins the Grand Champions against Jeff Smith, after beating Charles Curry, who has defeated Joe Lewis during the same tournament. The Grand Champion wins USD 1,000 .--.

1974: Eddy wins against Dave Ruppert (Ruppart) at the Northern States Karate Championships, with $ 1000 bonus to the winner. Previously, he beats Big Ed Daniel, Flem Evans and Parker Shelton.

In June 1974, Ross Scott def Everett Eddy for the USKA Grand Nationals, managing to send Eddy to the mat during the bout. Scott is only a brown belt and wins the heavyweight title.

In July 1974, during the Top Ten Nationals Professional Karate, Everett Eddy beats Joe Lewis by 6-4. The winner receives USD 500 .--. The score is 2-2 after the first round. Eddy tears up the sleeve of his Gi during the rest. Lewis reachs Eddy with a punch and sends him outside of the canvas. Eddy wins the fight by 6-4. Note that Lewis had taken over 21 lbs since his return to competition, in early May 1974.

 Everett Eddy Joe Lewis
Everett Eddy, left, vs Joe Lewis

During this period of time, Everett Eddy is mentioned as one of the best heavyweights in the U.S. rankings, published by the magazines.

World Series of Martial Arts :

05.161975 : (see the separate article), for the heavyweights, Everett "Monster Man" Eddy beats Sammy Pace by a heavy ko in the 2nd round, with a series of kicks and punch. Thereafter, Dana Goodson beats Ken Bell, by ko in the 3rd. In the finals, Everett Eddy def Dana Goodson. Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba9AgpwW-8c

06.21.1975 : Everett Eddy beats Duke Sabedong, boxer with a record of 17 wins (12 by ko), 16 losses, (4 ko) and 2 draws (ref boxrec). Living in Hawaii, Sabedong is already 45 years old. His career ended in 1964. He lost in 1961, against the young Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay), on points in ten rounds.

Victor Rapoza beats Chris Michael before the limit, during the semifinals.

In the finals, Victor Rapoza beats Eddy, by ko in the 2nd. Rapoza dominates during the first round and both fighters exchange punches in the 2nd round, when a left followed by a right sent Eddy to the canvas, for ten and more.

Everett Eddy Victor RapozaEverett Eddy, after his fight vs Victor Rapoza

Boxing against Full-Contact :

On 06.08.1975, at the World of Fighting Arts Spectacular in Ottawa/Canada, Eddy loses by ko against a boxer named Horst Geisler, during a mixed arts fight.

According to September 1975 Oriental Fighting Arts magazine, Horst Geisler weighs 295 pounds (133 kg) and is 6'9''(ca. 205 cm) with a record of 14 fights, 14 wins before the limit. According to the site Boxrec, Geisler is only 6'6''(196 cm), weighs 258 lbs (117 kg) and has already lost 2 fights for 7 wins, in 1975. His final record will be 12 wins for 6 losses, including one by ko in the first round against Trevor Berbick, opponent of Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. In 1977, Geisler wins a fight against Chuck Wepner (another opponent of Muhammad Ali), by ko in the 10th round.

The referees of the match between Eddy and Geisler are Joe Lewis and George Chuvalo, former opponent of Muhammad Ali too. In the first round, Eddy kicks Geisler and can sweep his opponent, who falls to the canvas. In the second round, Geisler ko Eddy with a left hook followed by a right.

Horst Geisler Everett EddyGeisler, left, against Everett Eddy

Full-Contact :

It should be noted that at the end of the first world championship PKA in 1974 (see article about this subject), Everett Eddy is heralded as the future challenger for Joe Lewis.

In 1976, at the Windy City Pro/Am Karate Championships, during the Full-Contact tournament , Everett Eddy fights against Jack Bonner. The latter does not give the six mandatory kicks during the first round. Eddy is counted 4 in the 2nd round. Eddy wins the fight, as Bonner has still not given enough kicks in the 3rd round.

In April 1977, Las-Vegas : Ross Scott def Everett Eddy, by ko in 1st round, for the PKA world title. Video Clip : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=HsvqDs30-L4. Before the fight, Eddy's record is announced as 16 wins and 1 defeat.

We do not know his other full-contact fights.

Wrestling :

In August 1977, during a mixed arts tournament in Tokyo, Everett Eddy meets Antonio Inoki, a Japanese wrestler, who had lived in Brazil. The end result is a win by ko in the 5th round for Inoki. Video clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PjbxMC65OU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7CQ82ej_P8

Antonio Inoki Everett Eddy
Antonio Inoki, left, in front of Everett Eddy, 1st fight

In 1978, a return fight is organized between the two fighters, in Japan. This time, Inoki wins by ko in the 7th round.

Style :

During his fights, Everett Eddy is very fast and also makes flying kicks, what is rare for his weight division. He is often considered too brutal during the competition.

He will also be able to fight under different rules, against very various adversaries, and he will adapt his style.

Conclusions :

Everett Eddy is often mentioned in magazines of the time and is heralded as the future world champion. Despite this announcement, he will never receive the promised glory, losing his most important fights.

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