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Three surprises from Hawaii : Limoz, Rapoza, Goodson

Introduction :

This article is about three fighters, very successful in 1974 and 1975, without becoming the top of the list in full-contact, during this period of time. We will study their cases with a thematic way rather than a chronological one.

During the 60's and 70's, Hawaii has continuously provided quality fighters such as Mike Stone and John Natividad. In addition, this island has provided two styles of fighting, American Kenpo and Kajukenbo.

Kenpo and Kajukenbo :

Although it's very difficult to explain the American Kenpo, we can summarize by saying that it's a name for multiple martial arts that developed in Hawaii due to cross-cultural exchange between practitioners. Kenpo have been adapted and disseminated to Hawaii in various schools. Ed Parker has created a branch of Kenpo, spread all across the U.S. in the 50's. The movement speed is a characteristic of Ed Parker's Kenpo.

The Kajukenbo also derives from the original techniques, and is a direct style of self-defense. Adriano Emperado is of the creators, in the late 40's.

Teddy Limoz :

Boxing :

In 1975, Teddy Limoz is a 27 years old boxing professional fighter. As an amateur, he won the Hawaii title in the middleweights and has participated to the 1968 Olympic Games trial, via the Golden Gloves and the Diamonds Gloves .

Teddy Limoz boxer (1975)

According to his record, on BoxRec, he had the following fights in the middleweight and light-heavyweight categories:

09/13/1969 Vaa Fuat wko2 Honolulu/Hawaii
11/02/1970 Marijon Kolar wtko 2 Honolulu/Hawaii
02/23/1971 Marijon Kolar wp4 Honolulu/ Hawaii

Teddy Limoz does not seem to have fought for two years.

30/03/1973 Etual Sua wp4 Honolulu/Hawaii
29/01/1974 Etual Sua wp5 Honolulu/Hawaii
24/08/1974 Sat N'Gata wp5 Honolulu/Hawaii
10/01/1974 William Vea wko1 Honolulu/Hawaii

In 1975, Teddy Limoz came to martial arts. According to the December 1975 Black Belt issue, Limoz have won 7 of his 8 professional fights, which does not match with the record of BoxRec. In the same article, it is written that Limoz trained with Jerry Quarry and Oscar Bonavena (opponents of Muhammad Ali), as they move to Hawaii, in 1974 and 1975, according to BoxRec.

02/25/1978 Mack Foley ltko 3 Las Vegas/Nevada
22/11/1983 Ateles Kaihea ltko 3 Honolulu/Hawaii

In conclusion, by examining the records of his opponents, none of them has been a national or international champion.

Martial Arts :

Limoz trains Karate with Dana Goodson (see below), and is practicing Kenpo. Goodson would have taught him kicks and Limoz would have taught him punches (December 1975 Black Belt issue).

In 1975, Teddy Limoz participates in the First Full-Contact Tournament in Hawaii and beats Augie Evans by ko. Limoz should quit the tournament with an injury and Evans is qualified to continue the tournament.

4th World Series of Martial Arts: July 27th, 1975 Honolulu/Hawaii, HIC Arena.

Regarding Tommy Lee's WSMAC, please read the article on this subject in this blog.

In this series, Teddy Limoz beats Ken Bell by ko in the 1st round, after having sent him three times to the canvas, in the heavyweights. Ken Bell has already lost the 03.15.1975 against Dana Goodson.

In the finals, Joe Lewis (PKA full-contact World Champion, see separate article in this blog) fights against Ted Limoz. They start with studying each others, in the first round and Joe Lewis wins this part of the fight. In the second round, Ted Limoz takes the kicks and punches from his opponent and continues to face him. Joe Lewis begins to clinch and even receive a warning for head-butting. Ted Limoz makes the forcing in the 3rd and final round. Joe Lewis protects himself and ends up being wounded to the eye. A doctor examines the wound and says that he could continue. Ted Limoz pursues his opponent with his fists and finally wins the last round and the match.

Limoz (left) against Lewis

It should be noted that the fighters were wearing protective elbows and therefore had the right to use these body parts to hit their opponent. It does not seem that the projections and immobilizations have been used during the fight. On the video of the fight between Joe Lewis and Ron Clay, during the same evening, we note that Ron Clay employs the knee blows.

With this victory, Limoz earns between USD 3,000.-- and 5,000 .--, depending on the versions.

He will be the subject of numerous articles in newspapers such as the 1975 Decembre Black Belt issue. In all the newspaper articles about Ted Limoz, it is mentioned that he had more street fights than ring fights. He had worked in the building construction.

Other fights :

On 28/02/1976, Limoz beats Mike Arroyo, (who is practicing Karate), in Hawaii, in full-contact. Limoz loses the first round for not giving enough kicks. In the second round, Limoz send Arroyo, twice to the canvas with the right hand and wins via a tko. It should be noted that according to the March 1977 Karate Illustrated, this fight was for the PKA heavyweights title.

Limoz Teddy (right) against Mike Arroyo

This is related to an article published on the Internet, where we find that Limoz could not participate in a tournament against a Japan Kyokushinkai team, visiting Hawaii (1977 or 1978?). Limoz was injured in that time. It is mentionned that Limoz is the heavyweight World Champion. We did not find anywhere else that Limoz holds the title. In 1976, Scott Ross was the PKA World Champion, after his fight against Johnny Lee.

In February 1977, Ted Limoz beats Danny "Scorpio" Wright on points in four rounds, at a tournament named Martial Arts Spectacular, held in Honolulu by Walter Godin of Kula Ona Kupala Kenpo Karate. Limoz really beat up Scorpio Wright in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Thank you to Brian Howell for this picture and the information.

Limoz Teddy (left) against Wright

We know no defeats in full-contact for Limoz, and we do not know what has stopped him in the practice of this sport.

Again boxer :

In 1978, Ted Limoz fights once more and loses a fight in Las-Vegas. He again loses a fight in 1983, in Honolulu.

After his career :

According to the May 8th, 1990 Honolulu Star Bulletin, Ted Limoz would have been sentenced for manslaughter, to 5 to 10 years term in prison, after a fatal robbery, possibly for drugs (without further clarification and certainty).

He is known as Ted Limoz Sr, (his son is also a boxer) or Teddy, Theodore or Theo Limoz.

We know nothing about his current activity.

-------------------------------------------------- -------

Victor Rapoza :

We know nothing about Victor Rapoza before his first fight. He would have practiced Kenpo, with a purple belt. He was a firefighter and was a veteran of the Vietnam War.

3rd World Series of Martial Arts on 06/21/1975 :

In the heavyweights, Victor Rapoza stops Chris Michael, in the semifinals.

Victor Rapoza during the weight in

In the finals, Victor Rapoza beats Eddy, by ko in the 2nd. Rapoza dominates during the first round and both fighters exchange punches in the 2nd round, when a left followed by a right sent Eddy to the canvas, for ten and more.

Before this fight, Everett Eddy was considered as the challenger for Joe Lewis, the PKA World Champion. Lewis will lose against Ted Limoz one month later.

Other fights :

We are not sure of the following. In 1976, Ross Scott beats Victor Rapoza by ko ? during a first fight. According to the March 1980 Black-Belt issue, they made a draw. It was a non title bout.
The same evening, Dana Goodson def Ross Scott, by ko ? The fight, according to other sources, would have taken place in 1981 ? (see the poster in the next chapter).

Poster with Victor Rapoza and Scott Ross (1976?)

Victor Rapoza beats Carlton Morris, in 1976.

After his sports career :

Victor Rapoza is a former firefighter, who currently works at the Ice House at Wai'anae Small Boat Harbor, Hawaii. We have no more information about his fights record.

-------------------------------------------------- -------

Dana Goodson :

Traditional Karate :

He had started the martial arts in 1965. Dana Goodson is a Kenpo fighter.

According to the December 1973 Black Belt issue, at the Norris Waterway Kumite California, Goodson beats John Natividad by 5-4, Steve Fischer 2-0, Smiley Uruqidez 5-4 before losing in the finals against Darnell Garcia 5-4. It was a very good job for a newcomer on the circuit.

According to the April 1974 Black Belt issue, at the All Star Black Belt Team, Los Angeles, Goodson beats once more John Natividad 2-1, Ralph Alegria 3-0, before losing vs Howard Jackson, by 2-1. Again a great result against the best fighter of the time.

In 1975, during a tournament held in Hawaii, with the name First Full-Contact Tournament, Dana Goodson loses vs Augie Evans.

1st series: 14 and 15 November 1974, Honolulu/ Hawaii

These first series has no weight category. A total of USD 10,000 .- will be divided among the winners, the winner earning U.S. $ 5,000 .-

At the end of the first day, 16 finalists are nominated by their results.

Dana Goodson beats Jack Atkins by ko in the 1st round, Blink Ordelies on points and Blinky Rodriguez on points, http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=xTCRxRcBh48.

In the finals, Benny Urquidez, natural lightweight, beats Dana Goodson on points. Goodson measures 6'1'' and weighs 230 lbs. Urquidez has managed to send his opponent to the canvas and to pin him for 5 seconds. His superior physical condition has enabled Urquidez to dominate his opponent, video http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=yblJ9VqHW8w.

Dana Goodson (right) against Benny Urquidez

Series 2 : May 16, 1975, Los Angeles Sports Arena

In the heavyweights, Dana Goodson beats Ken Bell, by ko in the 3rd. In the finals, Everett Eddy beats Dana Goodson. Video of the fight : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba9AgpwW-8c

Dana Goodson (right) against Everett Eddy

Other fights :

We are not sure of the following. In 1976, Dana Goodson def Ross Scott, by ko ?, in a non title bout. The fight, according to other sources, would have taken place in 1981 ?

The poster announcing the fight between Ross and Dana Scott Goodson in 1976

In 1983, Dana Goodson loses against Maurice Smith, for the World title.

According to some sources, Dana Goodson had a record of 18-4, in kick-boxing.

Boxer :

Unlike Ted Limoz, Dana Goodson begins his career as a professional boxing fighter, in the heavyweights, after his career in full-contact or kick-boxing.

According to the site BoxRec, he would have the following record:

02/28/1978 Sat N'Gata wp5 Honolulu
03/28/1978 Sat N'Gata wp5 Honolulu
03/06/1979 Five Star Nuuvali wtko 2 Honolulu
07/31/1979 Lee Holloman wp6 Honolulu
02/19/1980 Sefulu Togafau nc2 Honolulu
12/07/1983 Albert Myles lp6 Honolulu

N'Gata has also been an opponent of Limoz, in 1974. None of the Goodson's opponents has been a national or international champion.

After his sports career :

In 1979, Dana Goodson has a role in the serie Hawaii Five 0, in a episode called Sign of the Ram.

He has been Ted Limoz' coach, in Hawaii, in 1975.

Dana Goodson (left) is Limoz' coach, against Lewis

In 1990, he becomes the coach of Stan Longidinis, the World Champion in kick-boxing.

Dana Goodson died in 2000 in Australia, where he had emigrated.

Conclusions :

The three above mentionned fighters were coming from the same area. The full-contact level in 1975 was so low, they were able to beat the best fighters of the time, but never became World Champion.

The practice of martial arts and the level of violence in Hawaii at the time created the right environment for the emergence of such fighters. The three fighters have also practiced Kenpo.

Unfortunately, we have found no video of this fighters, with an exception for Dana Goodson.

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