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Wally Slocki : A Canadian against the USA

Introduction :

The purpose of this article is to establish a short sports biography of a fighter of the seventies. Wally Slocki was a part of to the karate evolution to full-contact. He had a traditionnal karate style, while fighting in full-contact karate. He was also not afraid to fight against the best kick-boxing or full-contact fighters of the time.

Traditional Karate :

Born around 1947, Wally Slocki began judo at 6, then practiced Kung Fu in 1964 to specialize in Japanese Karate in 1965. His Masters were Masami Tsuroka (Shito-Ryu) and Benny Allen ( Shito-Ryu). In 1967, 1968 and 1970, Slocki was Canada Karate Champion.

Championship Canada 1968

1967. All-Star First American Tae Kwon Do Nationals Karate Tournament. Wally Slocki, announced as a Goju-Ryu practitioner, fights against Hanke, of Detroit, Shorin-Ryu. Slocki is beaten. Previously, Slocki has beaten Barron, Isshinryu. Black-Belt Magazine, April 1968.

11.23/24.1968. World Professional Karate Championship. New York. Black Belt, May 1969. David Moon, Texas, def Wally Slock, by 39 to 38, in the preliminaries.

06.15.1969. Grand Nationals Karate Championship, Bill Wallace beats Wally Slocki in the preliminaries, with side kicks. It is possible that Wallace broke Slocki's nose with a back-fist. Blood spurted from his nose.

1969. East Coast vs. West Coast Open Championship in New York. Slocki wins the heavyweight title, before this team competition. Wally Slock beats Panama Jones.

1970. Heavyweights. Wally Slocki fithts against Berry Hankersonmet, at the Gerald Orange's Dojo. Peter Urban is the referee. The fighters grabs on many occasions. The referee must stop the bout to let the fighters cool off. Walter Slocki wins the fight. Black Belt, April 1971.

November 1971. Karate Ontario Championship. Bob Smith beats Wally Slocki. Black Belt, November 1971.

1973. Ontario Open Karate Championships. Slocki beats Bill Kelly, for the heavyweight title. Previously, Slocki beats Villeneuve, with a punch to the body. He follows with a kick to Kelly's face, making light contact. No penalty points are awarded. is counted. In the semi-finals, Slocki beats Everett Francis. Slocki also finished second in kata. Black Belt, July 1973.

Wally Slock, right, vs Everett Francis.

A video of the Slocki's karate fight. We don't know the names of his opponents.. The longest is possibily against Panama Jones, in 1969. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UowyJIPN3pc

Kickboxing and Full Contact :

Joe Lewis vs Wally Slock :

In 1970, Joe Lewis is the American kick-boxing pionner. He has already beaten Greg Baines, and maybe also Ed Daniel. Wally Slocki has no experience of ko fights. Joe Lewis fights against Wally Slocki, and beats him before the 3rd round, in Toronto. Wally Slocki wears a t-shirt, but Joe Lewis wears himself no t-shirt. There is no ring. In the 2nd round, Lewis knees Slocki in the head. Video of a part of the fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WURXL-JalIw

The famous knee Lewis (right) against Slocki

Controversy :

Slocki said that the fight was a demonstration and that Lewis said him "I'a going to really hit you". Slocki said that Lewis would have broken his nose. Blood gushed. Address of the interview: http://www.usadojo.com/biographies/wally-slocki.htm

In an other interview at http://www.mikemiles.com/index.php?p=interviews&i=joe_lewis Joe Lewis says that the promoter came up to him and asked him to take it easy on Slocki, because he was scared. Slocki came at Lewis and started throwin front kicks that had full intention of knocking Lewis' block off. Lewis had then decided to drop Slocki. Lewis kneed him and Slocki went to the canvas. Between rounds, Slocki retired. The result was a TKO. At the end of the fight, the referee raised both of our hands.

For the record, it is often said that Bruce Lee was in the attendence during this fight. The following image is not sufficiently clear to be assertive about it.

Bruce Lee in black jacket and white trousers ?

First PKA World Championships :

1974. Los Angeles. (see article on this evening in this blog, September 14, 1974 in Los Angeles).

Two Canadians were called by the promoter to participate in these first championships, Wally Slocki and Daniel Richer.

In his first fight for the light-heavyweights, Wally Slock meets the Japanese Ryu Kenji. Kenji is 20 years old, practices the Kempo and has 30 lbs less than Slocki. The Canadiens wins the fight easily and does the show. Kenji goes to the canvas 2 times. Video of the fight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62K3W8isTjA

In the finals, Jeff Smith beats Wally Slocki, on points. Smith wins the first round and Slocki the second. Finally, Smith wins the third round, because a point is deducted from Slocki, for violation of the rules. Video of the fight : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qDbxdQ29os

Battle of Atlanta :

August 2nd, 1976. Jeff Smith, at this time light-heavyweights World Champion, beats Wally Slocki for the title, on points, with a majority decision. Extract of fight : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuGDSb9jIQM

Roundhouse kick from Slocki to Smith

Record :

We unfortunately don't know Slocki's full-contact record. We also don't know other fights than those mentioned above.

Style :

In traditional Karate, Slocki uses a moving guard with theatrical gestures. He said he wanted to use the strength of the opponent, rather than trying to impose his own strength. Moreover, Slocki gives very good roundhouse kicks.

Example of roundhouse kick.

In 1974, during the PKA Championships, Slocki has kept traditional karate techniques, not hesitating to make a lot of leg-scissors takedown. He will succeed this way against Jeff Smith. In his 1976 fight, always against Jeff Smith, Slocki become more sober and fights with specific full-contact techniques.

Slocki's leg-scissors takedown against Smith (right)

Conclusions :

Wally Slocki is not the principal figure in the development of Karate and Full-Contact. He was opposed to the best fighters and remains one of the participants of this remarkable evolution.

In addition, Wally Slocki has been the only Canadian pioneer of full contact, among all the Americans present.

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